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Dr. naser solaiman

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dr. Raffaella Maggio
International affairs manager

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International affairs manager

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ICP has a large group of managers, with high professionalism gained through significant senior management experiences and with a personality characterized by charisma, decision-making and determination.

For 30 years we have been accompanying companies in choosing the best opportunities, with our consultancy we assist them in specific areas and support them in economic/financial assessments and planning for the improvement of the company rating. Values represent the essence of who we are, our DNA. They are what make us unique and different from our competitors. Passion in what we do, team spirit, customer focus and satisfaction: these are the values that guide our actions.

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ICP  - Innovative philosophy

We pursue a philosophy based on excellence and continuous innovation of services designed for customers. This objective is achieved through the development and consolidation of a "synergistic intervention system" which integrates the values and skills of the other corporate functions into the marketing strategies.

Satisfy and learn. Everyday.

We always give our best in every circumstance and occasion;
we continually question our work even when it seems that everything is going well;
we never stop learning.
Our Vision – guaranteeing the focus on people, raising the attitude to Problem Solving

We make our skills and professional skills available to all customers to understand their needs and develop suitable solutions, provide services of absolute quality and achieve the programmed objectives, even in a context of improvement of the corporate climate.
In all of our interventions, we place people at the center of every activity and consider them as decisive and substantial elements of change, inside and outside the company.
The customer at the center of the system: maximum attention to details and needs. Professionalism, planning combined with creativity: years of experience capable of generating innovative methods for defining corporate marketing.
We guarantee customers the constant search for the satisfaction of their expectations and the maximum protection of their interests with the adoption of shared procedures and collected in a code of ethics that we undertake to respect. Always.



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